Since 2000 SLF Consulting with Sara's Little Formula has made stepping stones out of stumbling blocks and helped clients get better grades, make higher SAT scores, reduce stress and struggle, and get into the colleges and universities of their dreams.

Our company was founded by Sara L. Fitts based on a strong commitment to improving instruction as well as improving the culture of education for all students. We believe in the value of the individual student and their parents, quality instruction utilizing the best strategies and techniques, academic empowerment of all students, and a team approach to success.

With more than 24 years in public education as a teacher, administrator, and instructional coach and more than 14 years in the coaching business, Sara Fitts brings expertise, commitment, and a proven track record with powerful results. Sara is a graduate of Meredith College with a B.S. degree in mathematics, a graduate of George Mason University with a M.Ed. in Supervision of Instruction, and has completed more than 116 hours of professional coach training through The Coaches Training Institute. She is the 2014 Manassas Park Educator of the Year.