Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is really much more than tutoring. Academic coaching is actually re-teaching the concepts using different approaches based on assessment. Academic coaching combines education, instruction, and motivation that embraces the student's inner desire to improve.

We at SLF Consulting believe strongly that students who are struggling or stressed with a class or particular concept need to feel empowered in order to begin the process of improvement. The job of the coach is to be a motivator, a teacher, a strategist, an analyst, and a technician. The coach's biggest job is to believe that the student can be empowered. Then empowerment can happen.

Academic coaching is not only for failing students. Academic coaching can assist "C" students in moving to "B's" and "B" students in moving to "A's" and helping students get their transcripts ready for colleges to view. Academic coaching is a powerful tool for college acceptance and college readiness. Any student who wants to improve can benefit from academic coaching.

Some of the benefits of academic coaching include:

  • reduction of stress and struggle
  • increased confidence
  • increased knowledge and understanding
  • improved ability
  • improved grades and scores

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